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February Newsletter 2010

February 26th, 2010

Exciting times ahead to keep us all occupied during the coming year. January has been a busy start to the year 2010, with new updates being added to our system. You may have already noticed some changes creeping in to your admin area - the design of the Partner admin was changed and we will keep working to making it more and more user friendly.

Let’s take a look at the other changes that happened to the admin recently.

New templates

We have started adding the new templates for the portals and niches that you requested. Many partners quickly took up promoting these new templates and have already added a revenue stream to their partner accounts.

Dating portal:

Pet Lovers European Dating Romantic Dating
Senior Dating 55+   Senior Love

Adult Portal:

Black & Red Fetish Dating Erotic

The templates are easy to use even for those who are not familiar with the HTML. The WYSIVYG editor allows you to change blocks without breaking the design, to replace blocks with pictures and even to select one of several pictures. Later, we will be posting manuals to the forum for each template. The manuals will provide step-by-step instructions on how to customize the design and make it close to your particular niche. Even if you know nothing about HTML you will be able to make all the necessary changes. Nothing is difficult any more!

New color schemes for inside pages

Customizing is getting more exiting now, since 10 new color schemes for each portal were created and added to new templates. You will certainly find something that matches your very site and makes it unique for your audience.

Changing headers on the inside pages

To make your site get a really unique look is very easy with a new tool that allows replacing the standard headers to those of your own! How to do this? Please follow five steps below:

1. The standard size of the header is width 764px length 105px
- create the picture of the size above

2. Upload the picture to your site through the Files Management option and save the link that our system gives you.

3. Go to the Content Management option and select the folder ‘Internal Site Content’

4. Select the file ‘/static/internal_site_content/’ and click the pencil (for editting ). Click the ‘Save’ button to save the existing changes.

5. Insert the link to your picture into the coding and save the changes you have just made.

Do not worry if you make a mistake and something goes wrong, you can restore the previous version and start again.

Here is the code you may use:

<!– Custom Head Bar Begin –>
<div id=”headerBg” style=”background:url(’
additional/images/header.jpg’) !important;”>
<div id=”langs”>
<div id=”langBar”>
<!– Custom Head Bar End–>

The link from the Files Management option is’

Keep an eye on the forum where we are adding more different manuals.

Newsletter tools

We have added several options for you to use this tool more sufficiently:

1.’View’ - now you are able to read sent newsletters

2. ‘Edit’ - if your newsletter was rejected by our moderators, you can go back to it and correct it if necessary and then resend it.

3. ‘Targets’ – see the member criteria that you selected while sending the newsletter.

4. ‘Created’ – here you can check the number of the members who received your newsletter.

All the best from the WDP team.
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December Newsletter 2009

December 31st, 2009

We are glad to wish you a happy New Year!

The coming December Newsletter 2009year promises to be really good for all the WDP partners.

New Admin Panel

We are launching a new version of the Partner Administrative interface (Admin Panel) where new tools will be added. First and foremost, we have improved the design and reorganized it according to your comments, in order to make it as user-friendly as possible.

New Tools

We also believe you will find the new tools very useful, especially the possibility to integrate your own headers into all the pages of your site. From January you will be able to make your site really unique and more tailored to your members and traffic. Along with the new internal header tools we have created more internal page color schemes for you to choose from, 10 to start with and more to come.

New Templates

If you are not into editing designs and colors, then you will be able to use one of the 8 new templates coming in January. Different niches, ages and countries to start with and more to come over the following year.

We wish you good health and good wealth for the New Year!


Plus: we highly appreciate your feedback, so please click here to drop us a line with any comments you may have about WDP!

All the best from the WDP team.
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December Newsletter 2008

December 19th, 2008

Welcome to our extra special Holiday Newsletter!

December has already been an amazing month for World Dating Partners. First and foremost, we have just launched our state-of-the-art new website, which we are celebrating by offering all of our partners up to 100% Commission!

Read on to find out more about our new site and this fantastic offer, plus learn about several other terrific new developments, which are all guaranteed to help you generate higher revenues than ever before…

New World Dating Partners Website

We are delighted to announce the re-launch of our state-of-the-art new website, which has undergone intensive usability and SEO assessments to further cement our Number One position in the dating marketplace. World Dating Partners

Commenting on our re-launched site, World Dating Partners’ founder and CEO, Robert Fathers, said

“We are absolutely delighted with the new website.

It reflects our professionalism and strategic drive, and reinforces our position as the world’s leading provider of dating software.”

“In re-launching the site we have achieved our primary goal of aligning its quality and design with our leading-edge software. However, our aim was also to update its content and functionality to exceed the expectations of both our clients and the dating industry as a whole, and it is abundantly clear that we have more than accomplished this.”

Click here to check out our new website now!

Plus: we always value your feedback, so please click here to drop us a line with any comments you may have about our new site!
100% Commission Offer

To celebrate the launch of our fantastic new website, we have made the unprecedented move of offering our partners and affiliates up to 100% commission. Click here to find out how to take advantage of this!

B2B Promotion — Earn an extra 10% from our Two-Tier Partner Program

A superb opportunity to boost your commission earnings long term! Motivate your affiliate friends and contacts to join our network and receive 10% of their lifetime earnings with World Dating Partners. Simply send them an email directing them to

PLUS all new affiliates that you sign-up will receive a 10% lifetime bonus on all payments made by members who join their site in the first 30 days of them becoming part of our network.

You can also promote this terrific B2B opportunity on your own site using this banner (again, just remember to insert your partner id at the end).


Cross Promote and Earn an EXTRA 10%

Do you want to generate considerably higher revenues from your website without investing any more money? Then why not promote another dating product to your existing audience?

We operate major portals in the following lucrative markets: Dating, Indian Matrimonial, Gay Dating and Adult Personals. So, if for example you are currently operating a Dating site, you could also set up an Adult Personals, Gay Dating or Indian Matrimonial template site for free and promote it via your existing website.

Every time an existing member signs up for an additional service, you will earn more revenue.

As an extra incentive we will pay you an additional 10% on top of your existing commission for every member that signs up for a new service in the first month!

To take advantage of this incredibly simple but effective promotional tool, just log into your Business Control Centre to create your additional site and follow the instructions.

And as always, if you need any help or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your dedicated account manager.
Double Your Revenues with our Double Opt-in Technology

A major new announcement about a major new innovation from World Dating Partners that can benefit you!

Our new double opt-in technology makes it possible for any website owner to double their earnings potential by providing highly targeted dating services to an existing client base!

How It Works

Double opt-in can be incorporated into the registration page of any existing web form, and can be seamlessly integrated with any existing brand.

For example, an existing website targeted at a single parent audience can integrate with an existing dating website for the single parent community, providing the opportunity sell two different services to the same client base.

When the website user opts-in to receive offers and/or information, the double opt-in technology provides a further option to receive offers to benefit from another website that is highly relevant to them.

Data is automatically sent to the World Dating Partners database via a seamless URL transfer, and the user instantly becomes a ‘free’ member of the dating service. The website owner receives a lifetime split of any revenue generated as soon as the user becomes a ‘paying’ member of the dating service.

This new feature creates countless opportunities. To find out more about how it could benefit you, speak to your dedicated account manager about setting it up today! Or alternatively contact Daniel Vincent for more information:

Custom Registration

Testimonials and Success Stories

Do you have an interesting story to tell about how you achieved success by operating one of our sites, possibly in an unusual or interesting way? Do you want to tell us about how marvellous we are and how you made your fortune by being part of our network? Testimonials are a great way to help potential new partners gain a really good insight into what we do, so please send us your success stories today!

Those we publish will include your name and a link to your sites, giving you more free exposure, so please drop me a line at Don’t forget to include information such as why you joined us, any stories you may have, your experience of working with us and anything else you think would be interesting!

Launch of New Datech Site

Datech Limited, who were responsible for developing the World Dating Partner platform, have recently re-launched their website.

Datech provide advanced cross vertical technology solutions to businesses across the globe. Their cutting edge platform can be used within any industry, and their revolutionary ‘recession-proof’ technology systems are immune to economic factors.

Click here to check out the new Datech site and find out more.

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

The WDP Team

October Newsletter 2008

October 31st, 2008

Firstly, Happy Halloween! We’ve got some fantastic money generating ideas – guaranteed to raise your ’spirits’!

Announcements chooses to partner with the best! officially launched today with a fantastic new design and look and feel! We think it looks great! Click here to take a look! We are also delighted to welcome on board the 495 partners who have signed up during October which include 21 UK Television channels!

Exhibitions in London

Both iDate and Ad Tech went exceptionally well this year our stand was very prominent and looked great! As a result we have been inundated with following up leads and signing new partners!

Record Breaking Month

September was our best month in terms of revenue and new sign ups and we are on target to beat it this month!

Global Traffic

Our global database makes us unique. We can take members from across the globe. For example, yesterday we received members from 39 different countries. This is great news for partners who want to take advantage of untapped marketplaces where traffic is much cheaper and there’s less competition.

Maximise your Sites Earning Potential

Our technology is undisputedly light years ahead of the competition so make sure you use this to your advantage. Here’s a quick check list of things you should be doing to maximise your sites potential:

  • Optimise your site yourself for free! Do you know that you can optimise your partner site for search engines? Simply log into your Business Control Centre – go to Sites/Manage/Meta Tag Editor and add your meta tags – page title, meta description and keywords! You can add meta-tags to 10 pages of your partner site! Click here to read last months’ article on how to optimise your website for search engines (note: you have to have registered for our forum before you can access this article, click here to register NOW.
  • Google Analytics. Although our reports give you almost everything that Google give you some partners like to use Google for consistency and because it ties in with your PPC campaign. You can insert Google Analytics code onto your partner site all by yourself. Simply click here to register for a Google Analytics account. Log into your Business Control Centre and go to Site/Meta-tag Editor/Other Tags to insert your code.
  • Become a Super Partner! Want to sit back, relax and let someone else do all the hard work for you? Then why not develop your own group of partners? By promoting ongoing partnership arrangements you will maximize multi-revenue streams and ensure a permanent, growing income flow. Click here to find out more and join today!


Keep up the good work the results will continue to pay off as we grow further. We have many developments in progress which will further benefit you and us so keep your ears open for further exciting announcements over the forthcoming months!

Credit crunch or not we are growing our position in the marketplace, we are still the industry leader and there are no signs that this will slow down!

We have an “open doors” approach, so if you want to contact us, please just pick up the phone or drop us an email at anytime! Here are our contact details:

Mark Edwards, Affiliate Manager,

Tel: +44 (0) 1278 588 340

Thanks for reading and have a great month!

With best wishes,

The WDP Team

September Newsletter 2008

September 22nd, 2008

Welcome to our September newsletter! We hope you’re having a fantastic month, we certainly are –read on to find out more! Plus remember to visit us at Ad Tech (stand 402) and iDate: both major exhibitions are taking place in London next week.


  • Major New Global Partners

Apart from securing our position as the industry’s leading supplier of pure Whitelabel dating solutions, we are delighted to announce that major global brands including, Matchlink, Essential Publishing, Cellcast, Hearters & Perfspot have chosen to partner with us! This is fantastic news for us and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome them on board!

  • New International Offices

We recently announced that we’ll be opening new offices in both Australia and North America before the end of 2008. If you know anyone who works in these markets, be sure to recommend them using your two tier affiliate link (obtainable when you log-in, or click here to sign-up now).

  • Exhibitions in London

As mentioned above, we’ll be exhibiting at both iDate and Ad Tech next week in London, so do pop by for a chin wag!

Major New Marketing Strategy

In my newly appointed role as in-house Online Marketing expert, I’ll be using all of my previous experience of working in roles such as Online Marketing Manger at InterCasino, Jackpotjoy and Aardman Animations,   in developing a major new marketing strategy for World Dating Partners, which I plan to launch by the end of the year. I can’t give too much away at this stage, but what I can tell you is that our new strategy will create significant improvements in the overall functionality, usability and marketing of our partner sites. Watch this space!!

Continued Growth

New member numbers have tripled since the beginning of the year as a result of our ever increasing partner network and our recent recruitment of 3 new sales managers. We expect this figure to grow even further as we embark on a major hiring campaign to find 22 new members of staff to support our continued growth.

Monthly Marketing Article

As promised, we are bringing you an article each month, which we hope will help you improve your website effectiveness. Click here to read these articles on our forum. If you haven’t already created an account, then what are you waiting for? The forum is the ideal place to exchange tips and gain advice from us and other partners.


Our sites continue to perform outstandingly well, which means more members and more revenues for you. You may also have noticed that we have recently made a number of upgrades to the system These vital upgrades have enabled us to ensure the continued security and efficient operation of our websites. As you know, our advanced platform is the most robust in the industry, therefore periodic maintenance is required to keep it that way.

Projections for next year present a stark contrast to other industries, we are thriving and will continue to do so, credit crunch or not!

Robert Fathers, CEO, Commented

“I am really proud of all the efforts that our team have put in since the beginning of the year and it is a fantastic feeling to look back and see how much we have achieved in such a small space of time. We are now in the process of implementing brand new hardware and investing in 22 new members of staff to keep up with the demand. This is truly a magical time for us, we are already in the top 2% of fastest growing UK companies and there is no sign of slowing down.

We have an “open doors” approach, so if you want to contact us, please just pick up the phone or drop us an email at anytime! Here are our contact details:

Daniel Vincent, Affiliate Manager,

Mark Edwards, Affiliate Manager,

Tel:  +44 (0) 1278 588 340

Address: The Exchange, Express Park, Bristol Road, Somerset, TA6 4RR”

Remember to pay us a visit at the conferences next week! In the meantime thanks for reading and be sure to check next months’ newsletter for some even more exciting announcements!

Newsletter August 2008

September 22nd, 2008

Welcome to our new look monthly newsletter! Read on to find out about all of our exciting news, plans and developments – all aimed at benefiting you!


Monthly Marketing Article!

Each month we will bring you one exclusive and free online marketing article aimed at helping you improve your websites effectiveness! The article will be written by our in-house marketing expert Clifton Fathers and uploaded onto our forum at

If you haven’t already created an account then what are you waiting for? It’s the place to exchange tips and get advice from us and our partners!

This Months’ Article

How to improve your Google Ad Words Campaign: Beginners guide to generating maximum impact from your Ad Words campaign!

Don’t miss out! The forum is the place to be! Click here to read our free article and introduce yourself to other partners TODAY!

FREE Facebook and Microsoft Ad Centre Advertising!

What a fantastic opportunity to start driving FREE traffic to your site immediately! Don’t waste any time: click here to receive your free Facebook credit (type in the following promotional code T5V6-1JKV-TNH9-2MRH) and click here to receive your free Microsoft Ad Centre credits (no promotional code required just click on the link). What have you got to lose?

That’s all from us for this month, but watch this space or check out our forum for more exciting announcements over the forthcoming weeks.

With best wishes,

The World Dating Partners Team

Newsletter April 2008

April 23rd, 2008

With more major brands joining World Dating Partners every month, we are continuing to outperform any other dating technology platform worldwide. Read on to find out more about our latest exciting developments…

Major Recognition for CEO of World Dating Partners

We’re delighted to announce that our CEO, Robert Fathers, has been selected to appear in the new edition of Who’s Who of Britain’s Business Elite. Who’s Who is the most prestigious directory of living noteworthy and influential individuals from all walks of life worldwide, and the latest title in this genre of Who’s Who publications identifies the UK’s eminent business leaders.

Robert has been selected for inclusion in this year’s edition on the basis of his outstanding business achievements. His biography reads “Robert is the CEO of World Dating Partners, the world’s largest and fastest growing online dating services provider, and is responsible for the overall management of the company and its outstanding software and design subsidiary company…”

Join World Dating Partners at Internet World

Entry into the exhibition is absolutely free…

…so please come along to pay us a visit at our stand, and find out more about all of the great things we have lined up for 2008. You’ll also have the opportunity to talk face to face with our team of marketing and technical specialists, to discuss strategies and ideas to make your dating business even more successful.

Internet World Has to offer…

…Internet World is the UK’s largest gathering of internet and digital suppliers, and as you will learn from its website, with over 200 inspirational hours of free seminars and hard-hitting keynotes, it’s the one and only place you’ll hear the ultimate digital business insight and understanding.

It’s also your chance to meet over 300 companies who can provide solutions to strengthen your online strategy and improve your return on investment. And all located in dedicated zones with seminar streams covering key areas including Search, Email, Web 2.0, IPTV, Online Advertising, eCommerce, Mobile Marketing, Connectivity, Content Management, Analytics, Usability, Affiliate Marketing and much more.

Awarded best business exhibition at the 2007 Event Awards, the show is designed to educate business decision makers on the latest developments in the market and introduce them to the suppliers who can help them implement their online strategies.

For more information about Internet World, or to register visit

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Majour New Brands Choose the World Dating Partners Platform and and are owned and operated by Spark Network Services and Advanced Telecom Services, one of the largest suppliers of personals services to newspapers and radio stations in North America and Europe.

Matchlink supplies dating websites to a growing network of over 100 radio stations across the US, and Webfriends provides similar services to US newspapers. Both organizations chose to join the World Dating Partners platform based upon our unrivalled functionality and our outstanding conversion rates. and

We are delighted that 2 of the major players in the Canadian dating market have joined the World Dating Partners platform. and are both growing rapidly, and one of the many reasons that they chose to work with us was based on our ability to help them grow even further and cater to their niche using World Dating Partners unique filtering system.

World Dating Partners will be exhibiting at yet another major event this month. From 29th April to 1st May we will be exhibiting at Internet World at Earls Court in London, when once again we’ll be leading the way with our ultimate dating technology platform.

Best wishes,

World Dating Partners Team

Newsletter February 2008

February 29th, 2008

We’re working incredibly hard to help you keep the momentum going to generate ever increasing revenues and profits, and this month we’re delighted to announce some major new developments for you, your members and your partners…

New Improved Members Homepage Goes Live!

We’re always looking for ways to help you continuously improve your conversion rates, and this month our development team has launched a great new design for the members Homepage (formally known as the MyCrowd page). The new Homepage features more profile pictures and more “calls to action” for members than ever before, and tests have shown a great response with even higher conversion rates. As always, we welcome any feedback or comments you may have on the new design!

Reach New Lucrative Markets: Translate Your Sites into More Languages

If you translate your site into a language you want we will have it intergrated into your own site for you. This is obviously a great way to reach new markets and audiences, so please make the most of this service and email us at with details of any sites that you’d like us to translate for you.

Fantastic New Marketing Tool:

Send Targeted Promotional Emails and Newsletters Direct to Your Website Members!

In our last newsletter, you may remember that we announced this great new, easy to use marketing tool, which enables you to send promotional emails, newsletters, communications and announcements direct to the members of your website(s).

Available through your admin area, its advanced filtering system enables you to target specific demographic groups for even more effective marketing, sorting people for example by age, location, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Please take advantage of this fantastic tool: engaging your members via emails, newsletters and other communications is one of the best ways to create conversions! If you need help, advice or suggestions in utilizing it for optimum results, feel free to contact us at any time.

Earn BIG Cash for Australian Traffic!

What a bonus!! We’ll pay you a massive 70% commission on all payments for Australian traffic that you generate on your sites. What’s more, this will be for the entire life of the member, and we’ll be continuing this offer right through until the end of 2008.

Promote 2 Tiers:

Exponentially increase your income by recruiting new partners - anyone you sign up will receive a 10% lifetime bonus on all payments made by members who join their sites in the first 30 days of the partners’ registratio

Copy and paste this code to use banners on your sites (you will need to replace “refid=PRTNR-XXXX” to your own code)

Massive Success for WDP at Two Major International Exhibitions…

As you know, we attended 2 major international exhibitions in January and February. We were Gold Sponsors of iDate 2008 in Miami, which was the largest gathering of executives and representatives from the Internet Dating and Social Networking business, plus we exhibited at “Technology for Marketing and Advertising” in London. Thanks to all of you who paid us a visit at our stands: both events were massively successful for us, and enabled us to even further raise our profile in the international dating arena.

That’s all of our news for this month, but before I sign off, I want to personally thank all of you, all of our partners, who make World Dating Partners the unrivalled, vibrant, world-class organization that we are today. I want to thank you for all the exceptional work and incredible creativity that you put into your businesses, and I wish you continued success in 2008 and beyond.

With best
Robert Fathers
World Dating Partners

New Alliance with Relationship Exchange boosts members to 21 million

January 30th, 2008

A new agreement signed in December between two leading companies in the online dating industry has created one of the largest dating databases in the world.

Comprising over twenty one million members, the new database is larger than the entire population of Australia and has been created between Relationship Exchange and World Dating Partners.

Under the terms of the agreement, Relationship Exchange, owned by Think Partnership, will move all its partner websites onto World Dating Partners’ technology platform. It will also merge its database of over fourteen million members into World Dating Partners. The joint database will now top twenty one million members and will be available in eleven countries.

World Dating Partners has made a multi-million dollar investment in its IT over several years, which now comprises over thirty servers running Oracle RAC software, an enterprise-class IT system more commonly found in major corporations.

Freed from the constraints of managing its ‘back-office’, Relationship Exchange now plans to accelerate its growth and, according to its President, Brady Whittingham, expects to grow exponentially in the next few years.

He said, “We’ll focus our attention on helping our affiliates grow their businesses, safe in the knowledge that we’ve, together with World Dating Partners, created one of the largest dating databases of its kind in the world, containing the world’s most sophisticated compatibility matching system.”

Robert Fathers said, “This agreement signals our intent to continue expanding our business. We believe we’re firmly established as the number one dating service provider but intend to continue to broaden and deepen our service portfolio. We will be making a number of announcements in the next twelve months that will bear this out.”

Newsletter January 2008

January 29th, 2008

With so many exciting new developments, we couldn’t wait any longer to tell you what we’ve been busy working on over the holiday season and the start of 2008…

Happy New Year!

First and foremost, before we launch into all of our news, we want to take this opportunity to wish you an (albeit belated) happy, healthy and prosperous 2008. Based on all of the fantastic new features, portals and enhancements that we plan to launch over the next few weeks and months, we can already see 2008 developing into one of the best years ever for our partners…

Massive News!

We are very excited to announce that Relationship Exchange, one of the largest and most successful dating networks in the USA, are re-launching on our platform. This increases our database of members to over 21 million registered profiles – which is larger than the entire population of Australia, making it one of the largest databases of its kind in the world! This is, of course, fantastic news for you in promoting your sites, particularly for the US market, and fantastic news for your members.

In a recent interview, our President and Founder, Robert Fathers, said “By pooling our databases we can now offer all our members an unparalleled choice of potential ’soul-mates’, as well as a broader range of services. This agreement signals our intent to continue expanding our business. We believe we’re firmly established as the world’s No.1 dating service provider, but will continue to broaden and deepen our service portfolio, and will be making a number of announcements in the next twelve months that will bear this out.”

Watch this space!

Fantastic New Marketing Tool:

Send Targeted Promotional Emails and Newsletters Direct to Your Website Members!

Our developers have done a fantastic job in creating this new, easy to use marketing tool, which will enable you to send promotional emails, newsletters, communications and announcements direct to the members of your website(s). The tool will be available through your admin area within the next couple of weeks, so please get ready to take full advantage of it! Via an advanced filtering system, you’ll be able to target specific demographic groups for even more effective marketing, sorting people for example by age, location, gender, sexual orientation, etc. As always, feel free to contact us if you need help, advice or suggestions in utilizing it for optimum results.

Gold Sponsors of iDate 2008

Based on our high profile within the online dating world, we’re proud to announce that we are the Gold Sponsor of iDate 2008, taking place in Miami from 31st January to 1st February. The event is the largest gathering of executives and representatives from the Internet Dating and Social Networking business: if you plan to be there, don’t forget to pay us a visit at our stand…we’ll be delighted to see you!

TFM&A 2008

In addition to iDate, we’re also exhibiting at “Technology for Marketing and Advertising” in London next month. If you’d like to join us, we’ll be at Earls Court on 12th and 13th February.

Your Testimonials!

As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we’re currently looking for your testimonials to publish on our new corporate website. Many thanks to those of you who have already responded. Rest assured, we’re already working on getting them posted onto our site, however if you haven’t had chance yet to submit yours, it’s not too late! Those we pick will include your name and a link to your sites giving you more free exposure… Email with your testimonial, which should include things like why you joined us, your experience of working with us, and why we are so marvellous!

That’s all from us for now. We’ll be in touch again next month with more exciting news and announcements….

With best wishes,

The World Dating Partners Team

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