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December Newsletter 2010

Dear partners,

We all are looking forward to a new 2011 year and the events it has prepared for us.

Christmas is getting closer day by day and we all are busy with preparing presents for dear people and decorating our houses. December is the mostly liked month here at WDP as this is the time of intensive plans for the coming year, hot discussions of new developments and of course, sizing up of what has been done this year.

Today the results of the passing year will be considered by the managers of the company.

Peter Wennerholm, Chief Technology Officer of WDP, to remind you about new things appeared in the WDP during 2010.

‘Dear friends, I am proud to tell you about developments we have made this year.

New templates and colour schemes we have been adding since January are now used on more than 10,000 sites. The tool on customizing the headers was used on more than 2,500 sites.

New features added to the tool on creating newsletters allowed partners to create 2,000 member newsletters.

New payment method through the SMS has been working since April and your members from Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, and United States can purchase the service using their mobiles.

New commission structure implemented in April allows you to earn the highest partner percentage in the industry.

The Free portal has been launched and fine tuned to help you to earn extra money from advertizing.

The registration form has been changed to the simple and quick form and this already increased registration rate by 12%.

Recently added Partner School was already visited by 6,000 partners and helped with sites customization and marketing.

In December we have updated the New Members Block and now the members on your sites are shown according to a viewer’s IP, so that all the members see their local matches – ideally for dating sites.

To meet the demand of members we also added new cards and now even free members can show their feelings and emotions to others.

The real present for all the partners is a new SEO tool – a program that analyzes how your site is optimized for search engines in different levels and gives you recommendations on what needs to be changed and corrected.’

Julius Thomas, CEO:

Dear Partners, I am sure any success can be described in numbers. To be short I am sharing the most essential info that is the most interesting to me as the CEO. This year more than 6,000 joined WDP as partners and thus the general amount of people cooperating with WDP reached 30,000. We are proud to stay not only the company with old traditions in the dating business but as well the company that people from all over the world trust their time, efforts and money.

We have paid millions pounds of commissions and due to a very partner friendly commission structure this amount will be increased next year.

New partners have registered more than 10,000 sites and over 1,000,000 members joined the system in 2010.

Peter Albinsson, the owner:

I would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I would also like to thank all partners for choosing to work with us at WDP and am I looking forward to our joint efforts in making 2011 the best year ever in the dating industry!

This is a good opportunity for me to show my appreciation to the WDP staff that has done a terrific job this year. Well done, everyone!

As we go into the next, we have a lot of interesting things to accomplish ahead of us!


All the best from the WDP team.
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