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October Newsletter 2010

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

With October starting and autumn taking hold, at least for us in the northern hemisphere, WDP will be launching the Partner School. As the name suggests, it’s designed to assist all the partners, newbies as well as experienced ones, with tips, tricks and general information on how to get the most out of the WDP service.

The Partner School covers most if not all commonly asked questions by new partners, at the same time there is something that even old partner don’t know for sure. As time progresses we intend to keep the Partner School updated with fresh advice and marketing news. As always, if you feel you have suggestions or something to contribute to the Partner School, please feel free to contact the Support team.

During this year we noticed we had a steady growth in the German Market for most portals – Dating and Adult - as you would expect, we have jumped to cater for this growing market by producing new templates targeted to upcoming countries dating needs along with partner requests.

German Dating German Adult

During the summer months we also looked at the registration process from the users’ side and noticed there is a group of members who never completes the registration. To meet the requirements of those who don’t like the idea of fillin in a form with numerous questions at the first day of using a site we created a new registration form.

This is a simple form that does not require much information, just a username and an e-mail as well as a couple of other essential criteria. Now it will take only a couple of seconds for your visitor to become a member!

The marketing advice of this month is ‘Make sure your autumn promotional campaigns are ready!’ It is just the right time to encourage your free members to join your site as full members by offering them discounts timed to coming Halloween.

Moreover, WDP will be happy to help you in creating a special look and feel of your site. We made a little research, during which feedbacks of members from different systems and sites as well as their member experience were examined thoroughly. The crucial points that discourage many members from using a dating site are ’sites look dead’, their ‘content is not updated for months’ and this is associated with ‘dead member database’. Making regular changes on a front page is the best way to demonstrate to your members that the site is live and full of active profiles. Holidays are the best time to dress your site into a new suit, even if it is a fancy dress.

All the best from the WDP team and good luck with the autumn hunting!

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