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February Newsletter 2010

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Exciting times ahead to keep us all occupied during the coming year. January has been a busy start to the year 2010, with new updates being added to our system. You may have already noticed some changes creeping in to your admin area - the design of the Partner admin was changed and we will keep working to making it more and more user friendly.

Let’s take a look at the other changes that happened to the admin recently.

New templates

We have started adding the new templates for the portals and niches that you requested. Many partners quickly took up promoting these new templates and have already added a revenue stream to their partner accounts.

Dating portal:

Pet Lovers European Dating Romantic Dating
Senior Dating 55+   Senior Love

Adult Portal:

Black & Red Fetish Dating Erotic

The templates are easy to use even for those who are not familiar with the HTML. The WYSIVYG editor allows you to change blocks without breaking the design, to replace blocks with pictures and even to select one of several pictures. Later, we will be posting manuals to the forum for each template. The manuals will provide step-by-step instructions on how to customize the design and make it close to your particular niche. Even if you know nothing about HTML you will be able to make all the necessary changes. Nothing is difficult any more!

New color schemes for inside pages

Customizing is getting more exiting now, since 10 new color schemes for each portal were created and added to new templates. You will certainly find something that matches your very site and makes it unique for your audience.

Changing headers on the inside pages

To make your site get a really unique look is very easy with a new tool that allows replacing the standard headers to those of your own! How to do this? Please follow five steps below:

1. The standard size of the header is width 764px length 105px
- create the picture of the size above

2. Upload the picture to your site through the Files Management option and save the link that our system gives you.

3. Go to the Content Management option and select the folder ‘Internal Site Content’

4. Select the file ‘/static/internal_site_content/’ and click the pencil (for editting ). Click the ‘Save’ button to save the existing changes.

5. Insert the link to your picture into the coding and save the changes you have just made.

Do not worry if you make a mistake and something goes wrong, you can restore the previous version and start again.

Here is the code you may use:

<!– Custom Head Bar Begin –>
<div id=”headerBg” style=”background:url(’
additional/images/header.jpg’) !important;”>
<div id=”langs”>
<div id=”langBar”>
<!– Custom Head Bar End–>

The link from the Files Management option is’

Keep an eye on the forum where we are adding more different manuals.

Newsletter tools

We have added several options for you to use this tool more sufficiently:

1.’View’ - now you are able to read sent newsletters

2. ‘Edit’ - if your newsletter was rejected by our moderators, you can go back to it and correct it if necessary and then resend it.

3. ‘Targets’ – see the member criteria that you selected while sending the newsletter.

4. ‘Created’ – here you can check the number of the members who received your newsletter.

All the best from the WDP team.
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