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Newsletter - Feb 2007

Friday, February 9th, 2007

It’s been a successful start to the new year, with great new updates being added to our system as we speak and other major updates nearing the completion. We have started to use our forum again and have made it a more useful place for both advanced and newer partners to get their hands on the latest updates related to World Dating Partners and our industry.

If you feel that your partner account isn’t doing as well as it should do, log on to our forum (address below) and speak to other partners, see where you are going wrong, see how you can improve your site(s).

On our forum you can find out how our top partners are making thousands of pounds a week, some even a day and learn the best way to market your sites. You can even find out how to get your site(s) ready for the search engines, how to change “Meta-Tags”, and add banner codes into your links page. To get maximum exposure from the web, we recommend a variety of directories, banner exchange programs, search engines and other forms of advertising that will boost your revenue such as Google Adwords.

Why visit our forums?
• You can keep up to date with the latest marketing methods
• Keep in touch with other successful partners
• Learn how to do this and how to do that
• It’s full of friendly people from all around the world

We’ve just released our new brochure, which you will find interesting so feel free to download your copy by visiting

If you are in the “Advanced Partners” zone and don’t need any support - why not login to the forum, with your WDP ID & Password and give our newer partners encouragement! Point them in the right direction as to where they are going wrong!

Don’t be scared to make a few comments about the system and how we can improve - we welcome all your opinions as this makes the whole network better.

Hope you have a successful and prosperous new year with WDP!

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