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Sunday, October 8th, 2006

Welcome to our new weekly News and Updates Newsletter, to keep you informed on important information and news as a World Dating Partners Affiliate.
Don’t miss out on an easy way to increase your revenue by 30%

Did you know that 40 % of the members join both adult and dating sites and pay for two sites simultaneously? Do not miss out on this opportunity and create either a dating site or an adult dating site now.
You can do this either one or all three ways:

1. Simple just add a Pop-under to your front page which has a link to you other site. (Will be available in two weeks time)
2. Add a text or a banner to your my crowd page (To do this just contact us with you text) and we’ll ad it for you. (Will be available in two weeks time)
3. Add a banner to the bottom of your front page which you can add yourself in your management centre.
Affiliate administration changes:

Sales reports are available now in three different currencies to help make you independent from conversion rates. Add your multi-currency accounts information and get paid the most convenient way.
New Languages

Now you can create a new German site and promote this in Germany or you can add German as a new language to you existing sites.

German is available for you to add now.
Launch of the new Windows Chat programs - Chatterbox and Playmates

After a year of development, members will now have the opportunity of downloading our new programs that sit in the task bar, like MSN and work independently from the site.

Later we will be adding partner id’s to these so that you can independently promote this as part of your arsenal of products to sell.
Lastly - A great idea for us ALL - Please join in with our marketing plan

We currently have a marketing document of various successful marketing techniques that partners have used in the past and we want all of you to have a copy. So instead of posting this on the site, we ask for you to send an email to to qualify receiving this document you must add in your email one of your Best techniques for marketing, with some ideas and tips.

The idea behind is when we have all the information from partners, we will then add a page for all partners to view a super-list of marketing ideas that we can all benefit from.
Kind Regards
World-Dating-Partners support team

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