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Newsletter - May 2006

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

Our System and services expand virtually every week now with new applications and development, our end game is to give you as much as we can to help you optimise your conversion rates by giving you the tools and new technology to help you do this.

More recently we have added Google XML SiteMaps which I hope you will make the most of, by submitting these to Google’s new submission service, it will really help you with a Google submission, Google takes notice of you by using these — you can read and start submitting them here — while your there try adding a siteMap to your site, this really looks good from Google’s standpoint

Also our web directory of dating sites is ranked in the top 15 worldwide and will help you achieve more traffic at please register if you can and add a link, you are assured of some good visitors from here. It’s free as well, as partners you don’t have to reciprocate a link, but would be appreciated if you can.

Did you know that more and more partners are making profits through Google AdWords? We currently have some partners spending as much as 1.5 million USD a year. There is good reason for this as you can clearly calculate profits. You don’t have to spend much initially to do this. Our system is ideal for this, by creating a niche market either by interest or geographical location you will have to pay less for advertising, because the competition isn’t so fierce and the conversion rates are extremely high for targeted and specialized web sites. Why not create many niche sites and see how successful this can be.

You can find out more and try Here

By the way do you realize that your marketing is not restricted to the Internet?

Some of our biggest partners are Radio stations, charities, TV, or any other company that may have a database. For this we are also setting up a portal system for people who want to approach larger companies and act as representatives of WDP without having to have a dating site. If you have an interest in this, please write back and we can discuss and help you with some great business ideas.


Our Adult Contact system, like Web sites have been a great success, with high customer retention as well as a great conversion rates should be a great target for you to promote. You can do this by simply creating a new Adult Web site for yourself, for those of you with experience in the adult market - this system is surprisingly uncompetitive. Give it a go.

In the news more recently World Dating Partners were the sponsors of The International Dating Conference. It was a tremendous success for us, We are following this up as exhibitors at the largest Adult show in August at Internext in Miami. Pop over and see us. If you are going, contact us before hand so we can make arrangements to meet you personally and buy you a beer.

BY THE WAY — Have you seen our Great Video, a great overview of what we do, we have this available on CD if you wish a copy, or Download from WDP site its 45Mb but well worth it

While you are there the comparison chart for other affiliate programs is available, take a look to see what’s on offer, make your own judgments on the best programs.

Our final tip for now is do you use Google blogs? It’s a great way to advertise your site and an even better way to attract traffic. Good advice on this is to do this every 3-4 weeks, don’t flood the system with too many, make good presentations that work well otherwise people don’t take so much notice, write one once in a while and regularly and you’ll win the day.

On our current list of priorities for development are:
1/ Making your administration easier to use with more accurate data
2/ Sending automated statistic, demographic and financial reports directly to your email
3/ Partner debit cards - to make your payments easier
4/ Completion of our Graphic, flash system for IP Geo-Targeted Banners

For now I wish you all the best of luck in your promotion, please remember we are always around for advice and help, if you have any questions.

Best wishes

Robert Fathers, CEO
Singles Limited (World Dating Partners)
I am always available personally to any of our partners who want to chat
Tel: +44 (0)1278 722718

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